Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gross out

Recently all employees where I work received a 50 cent pay cut and now a reduction in hours. While some are saying that the economic crisis is as bad as it was during the depression, I think that companies are overreacting to it and may end up running their businesses into the ground. Where Hubby works it’s become a real nightmare.

ROGI is the acronym for “Return On Gross Investment” and is defined as gross cash flow divided by gross investment. For example where a family member works it’s gross sales divided by gross labor.

Where my husband works, some managers are so freaked out over losing their jobs in the current economy that they cry if they don’t reach their ROGI number for the day. The District Manager is pale and haggard. We aren’t sure he’s going to make it. No one dares to make a move because right now most folks job is to hang on to their job because there is very little out there.

There’s a trickle down effect in that the Labor Nazi, who doesn’t want to lose her job, sends around harassing emails about changing hours on the schedule. Changing the labor hours can happen at a moments notice and if the manager doesn’t have her or his ear to the rail there are consequences. It’s gotten so bad that one store not scheduling a dishwasher for part of the day and using paper plates until they can afford the hours to have a dishwasher on the clock.