Thursday, December 11, 2008

Childlight Foundation

This is what my family works on, and before the ideologues jump on this, here is their mission statement: "We value the rights of each individual and respect the freedom to choose one’s own beliefs and to direct one’s own life course. We do not impose religious values or beliefs on the children or families that we serve. We hold our own personal values and beliefs as precious and honor the values and beliefs of others that respect human life and seek to maintain the dignity of the individual."

My cousin is the lady in the purple burka near the end. You can see her through out if you watch again. Her and her husband paid out of their own pocket to go to Afghanistan and to help rebuild it. She is a nurse and her husband is a lay minister.

Isn't it STUPID that I have to justify the good works of my family because some people take delight in mocking and stigmatizing Christians?

Nope you won't see this in the media because they do not deem the ChildLight Foundation for Afghan Children news worthy.

What are you doing to fight the Global War on Terrorism?