Thursday, February 10, 2005

Copyright notice

To the best of my knowledge, everything presented in "the perimeter of poetry and words," unless clearly explained otherwise, is believed to be in the public domain or fall within the guidelines of fair use within the United States, where the material is hosted. Note that, due to the Millennium Copyright Act most copyrights since 1923 have been extended another quarter century, so you will not be seeing most 20th century works online for a long, long time.

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Please note that the copyright notice on the perimeter’s references 'The Perimeter,' all comments, researched and annotated material, as well as the HTML scripting and graphic that comprise the collection's characteristics. Please do not 'lift' pages from the collection to plug into your own online collection. Instead please link to the relevant page in the collection, or cut and past the text you wish to reference into your own pages.

If you are a student doing research here is how to cite an article:

Adams, Deborah Kay. "The Spring Storm," The perimeter of poetry and words
Accessed February 10, 2005