Saturday, February 03, 2001

Dream Log: February 3, 2001

~ Lazing on the sun warmed cement, a kite with parrafin wings flying north across the early summer night . Three tails with colored stars strung along behind. Beautiful I thought. Are the tails my family .... the trinity and why am I headed north I wonder.
~ My oldest son was drinking hot raspberry tea and didn't know it. We decided not to tell him because we knew it would upset him.
~ No one at vocational rehab is really there to help me.
~I pulled up the attic floorboards. It smelled like glazed epiphanies of crystalline oranges.
~ Talking to the actress from the TV show Georgia.
~ The stewardess gave me two rolls of toilet paper and laughed in my face. Then she flipped open the page of a magazine to show me the ugly man with two heads. She did it deliberately to hurt my feelin